Our People

We are an inclusive company where exists equal opportunities for both women and men, we are a highly committed team with a teamwork, excellence and humility, culture which starts from the top management and is transmitted to all our collaborators. Every single task is important for us, we seek to be excellent in each stage of the coffee, but it wouldn’t be possible without the joint collaboration. It is common to see the administrators visiting the farms and talking with the collaborators to advise them and also receive feedback from them in order to maintain the company's continuous improvement.

44% Women

56% Men

Top Management Team

Sigfredo Corado

Quality Assurance Manager

He obtained his degree in Agronomy Engineering from the National School of Agronomy "Roberto Quiñónez" (ENA); also, he has a Master's Degree in Education. He has dedicated his professional career to the production of coffee, sugarcane and teaching. He worked for 14 years as a teacher and Head of Social Projection of his alma mater.

Manuel Olivares

General Manager

He completed his studies in the US and has a Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing also possess a Master’s in Finance. He was director of taxes in one of the 4 largest accounting and auditing companies in the world, parallel to this has been active investors in a large number of several assets such as stock market assets, cafeteriarestaurants, real state, cane production, among others.

David Velásquez

Commercial Manager

It has two Bachelor Degrees, one in Public Accounting and the other in Legal Sciences. He founded his own audit firm upon leaving university and has provided audit, accounting and tax services to a large number of entities, among them coffee exporting companies, cafeteria chains.

Sandra Velásquez

General Accountant

She possesses studies in accounting and tremendous knowledge in IFRS, VAT and Income taxes. She has been working in several industries including sugar cane and coffee producers.

Alvaro Calderón


Wilfredo & Elmer


They are the managers of our farms, they have accumulated a vast experience in coffee since they born in raise in the communities nearby the farms and have developed a lot of knowledge that they kindly share with us.