Our History

left to right
Manuel Olivares, David Velasquez and Sigfredo Corado.

Los Naranjos Café is the merger of three great men, Sigfredo Corado, David Velásquez and Manuel Olivares, none of them imagined that 35 years later, something as beautiful as coffee growing was going to bring them back together again. These friends met in high school, all of them from different origins but with one purpose in common, overcome themselves.

The High-Performance Team

Sigfredo, “The scientist”,behind him there’s a big passion for coffee, inherited by his family, he grew up in a coffee environment, his dad and brothers studied agronomy, as a result, he later will follow their path. His exceptional capacity and intelligence allowed him to become an expert in coffee production and this was the reason why the most prestigious agronomy school of El Salvador invited him to be a member of its faculty and share his knowledge for the future generations. David, “The Business Guy”, from a hard-worker and humble family, he learned how to overcome in life at a very young age, he started being involved in coffee production at the age of 10, every end of the school year was the beginning of the coffee harvesting season this was a relief for him because working on the farms allowed him to secure the money enough to buy their school supplies for the following year. After he finished high school he moved the capital city to study accounting, he finished his undergraduate studies in 1994, 5 years later he would founded his own audit firm. Manuel, “The Good-eye Investor”, a great example of perseverance and effort. After he finished high school, he emigrated to the United States in search of better opportunities, his first job there was as a delivery man, this income helped him to finance his studies in accounting. With hard work and dedication, he accomplished place himself as a Tax Director of one of the most prestigious accounting firms in the world. During his job, he absorbed a lot of knowledge and developed an outstanding ability identifying good businesses to invest. Nowadays, he dedicates full-time to this activity.

It was just a hobby...

The stunning landscape of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, It’s the largest coffee production zone of the country. This region has a special touch since here’s where Sigfredo grew up also this place keeps David’s most memorable memories when he used to pick coffee on the nearby farms. In 2005, with the intention to have a recreation place to spend the weekends, David acquired “La Fabiola”, a micro-farm of 1.40 hectares; with the advisory of Sigfredo, he accomplished to produce coffee in small portions, for friends, relatives and themselves. What began as a hobby grew more and more. In 2006, Sigfredo and David, purchased their first farm together, “El Zapote”, three years later, they acquired “Finca La Fé” and in 2011 they bought “Finca Los Naranjos”.

The reunion

In 2013, the alumni meeting of the Centroamérica School, Sonsonate, allowed the exchange of experiences and projects in recent years, among ex-classmates; Manuel, after carefully listening about what David and Sigfredo were doing, is attracted to participate with them. The incorporation of Manuel brought an important strength to the company, his vast experience in investments and his high business knowledge allowed to improve the vision of the company and consolidate the team.

The launching

The company officially begins its activities in 2014, in an environment of uncertainty and complications due a bear stock market affecting negatively the price of the coffee. Nevertheless, where there is an adversity there is a great opportunity and that’s what they saw and decided to venture into the specialty coffee market. Without realizing it, they had been preparing for this moment years ago, thanks to their philosophy of quality work. To meet the needs of clients seeking high-quality specialty coffee, large investments were made buying 3 more farms: “Finca Noruega”, 2017, “Finca Los Angeles”, 2017 and” Finca Ethiopia”, 2018. The company proceeded to eliminate elderly coffee trees that no longer produced a quality grain and renewed young trees and varieties of coffee in accordance with the trends of the international specialty coffee market.

The Future

Many people think that the choices they have made are irrational but as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. The vision of the company is for the future. Like any other companies they want profits, but they have an even stronger reason that keeps them in this business and it is share value creating opportunities for others to overcome and being an example for other producers to follow their own dreams.

by: Alejandro Velásquez