Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud of our company, we have generated more than 200 direct jobs and 70 indirect jobs, providing economic sustainability to more than 1,200 people helping them out of extreme poverty.
generating hope for improvement for the communities, reducing the phenomenon of emigration and the taking of delinquent decisions due to the lack of opportunities for improvement.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work in such a beautiful business as coffee, farms are wonderful places to enjoy and for that reason when we grow we decided to take environmentally friendly practices, we don’t use chemicals, like herbicides that can damage the soil, we built bench terraces and filtrations pits avoid the erosion and conserve the water.
The greatest satisfaction that the farm has is the sense of belonging that it has acquired from the community, generating sources of employment, helping with the schools and collaborating with the access of drinking water, benefiting more than 80 families in the area.
Our sustainable agriculture practices opened us the opportunity to get the C.A.F.E Practice certification, but more importantly, it allows us to be an example company of sustainable practices.

Don Angel, el administrador de la finca “La Fé” y “El Zapote”,