About us

Los Naranjos Café is the merger of three great men, Sigfredo Corado, David Velásquez and Manuel Olivares, none of them imagined that 35 years later, something as beautiful as coffee growing was going to bring them back together again. These friends met in high school, all of them from different origins but with one purpose in common, overcome themselves. history...
Our mission is to become a reference for our country, as specialty coffee producers, satisfy the needs of our clients having direct relationships with them to support them to achieve their goals.

We are an inclusive company where exists equal opportunities for both women and men, we want to make an Impact on the development of our workers and their communities. We have generated more than 200 direct jobs and 70 indirect jobs, providing economic sustainability to more than 1,200 people helping them out of extreme poverty.

Some of coffee varieties


This is Ethiopian Landrace tree; this variety is well-known for its exceptional cup quality and tolerant to the coffee leaf rust

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SL28 (Kenya)

This variety is found commonly in Africa, it has an exceptional cup quality drought tolerant and high yield potential. .

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The lineage of this coffee comes from the cross between, Pacas and Magarogype, it was developed in El Salvador.

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Red Bourbon

One of the most important Coffea Arabica varieties, its excellent quality in the cup is given thanks to the high altitudes of our farms

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Floral aromas, bright citrus acidity, floral flavors like jasmine and final honey bee flavor juicy residual.
Sweet aroma notes such as tofi, creamy and full body, vanilla and sweet flavor, final caramel flavor.
Cup with good acidity and sweet brown and residual flavors like red apple and peach

The set of elements like the varieties, the farm's conditions and our processing allowed us to obtain a score of cupping

above 88 points!

Coffee Processing

The processing methods that we currently use are: Washed, Natural and Honey, obtaining a parchment coffee that is then dried on African beds indoors, to avoid direct contact with the sun..

Coffee Farms

We were patient when we acquired our farms, we always take care that the conditions are the best for the most sophisticated varieties we plan to grow, the altitud of our farms are between 4,527 fasl and 6,712 fals, the volcanic minerals, the vast organic material of the soil, the lack of wind and the accessibility of our farms allowed us to achieve this goal.